Warren Peace Cafe


Nestled among the rolling Bisbee hills, overlooking a downtown forged by a wartime mining community, Emma Echave undertook the monumental task of giving birth to 14, and raising 12, children. Immigrants from Bacoachi and Hermosillo, Mexico, and descendents of famed painter, Baltasar Echave, she and her husband, Albert, who ran a laundry service, planted a seed that has since blossomed into deep roots, shaping the course of this community over the past 75 years. The Echave family, witnesses to union strikes, the gradual closure of the mine, a hippie invasion, and countless other events, have become an integral part of this community’s history.
Enter “Sweety” Pete”y” Skinner, Emma’s grandson, along with his visionary wife, Becky, and Jackie Skinner, Emma’s Great Granddaughter, alongside her husband, Joshua. United by our love for this unique community and a shared belief in giving back, we took a leap of faith in this place. Situated across from the soon-to-be-constructed city hall and a mere baseball’s throw from the historic Warren ballpark, we, as Emma’s descendants, embarked on an endeavor that, while perhaps less daring than raising 12 children, was nonetheless tinged with a certain bravery: the creation of Warren Peace Café.
In envisioning this space, we aspire to establish more than just a cafe; we aim to craft a haven where stories, ideas, experiences, and laughter flow freely between sips of caffeinated delights and bites of love-infused morsels. Embracing the diverse tapestry of the community, we extend an open invitation for all to share their battles, struggles, joys, and harmonies. Here, at Warren Peace Café, our motto echoes through the air: “We Yum in Peace!” Welcome to a place where differences converge into a shared celebration of community and camaraderie. We can’t wait to see you.
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